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Born in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, he started in Rap music in the Capital City DN in 1987 with the group BMCP led by Born MC, where they became part of the contest Viva Rap 89, Claudio Mc / Mc Papo / La Cobra / Tito Love.

Later on the song Merengue House Rap was made together with the producer Dj Canita Mix for 1990, he organized the group Tribu Rebelde with songs like Haciendo Bulla which was made the first video clip in the history of Dominican Hip Hop by: Joselito Gil in the filming and editing, La Calle Está en Llamas etc, together with Rastari Minayah / Alex X / Mistico de Yah and Born Mc.

Like the theme Retumba Las Bocinas del Canita Mix vol.3 in 1995, In 1998 he participated with the theme Sarandonga with DJ Rapha, also in the theme La Ruta Del Saber with Papi Sanchez and also as Coordinator of all the artists in the first CD Variado urbano de Rep.Dom.



Eury Uzi


May 30th, 2020


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