What if you could sell more through online marketing?

Today ALL companies need two channels to have an online PRESENCE if they want to sell more: Google and Social Networks. A recent study affirms that more than 100,000 small businesses have closed permanently, and those that don’t adapt will fail, CLICK below to get out of the majority.

Our Digital Marketing Agency can help you

Businesses that will survive will be those that adapt to the digital world, offering their products and services online on a daily basis, since the current business system is carried out via the Internet. With digital marketing you will be able to do:

Local SEO

Quick, step-by-step strategies to position your company in your city and get local customers.

SEO Consulting

We position your website in google, achieving greater visibility on the Internet and higher sales.

Community Management

Use of creative tactics to create community and detect feedback opportunities from your followers

Inbound Marketing

Create, publish and promote compelling content to generate more traffic and create a community of interest.

SEM | SMM Marketing

With SEM and SMM we connect with your audience to build your company's brand and increase sales.

Web Development

Design, development and management of corporate and institutional websites, online stores, etc.

What happens when your brand is INVISIBLE?

digital marketing agency in santo domingo
No one will know your value proposition. One of the problems companies face today is the lack of visibility in a market saturated with offers.

Every day, consumers are exposed to a flood of information that increases the constraints on their purchasing decisions. How can we compete in such a business ecosystem? One solution is the intelligent use of the Internet.

Today, you have tools like Facebook and Google Ads, platforms that allow you to control the traffic that comes to your website, a website where you can show your value proposition and, if the customer does not make a purchase decision (which is likely to happen the first time), you can follow up until he decides to buy your product or service.

You can choose who you want to show your content to and segment your audience by demographics, behavior and interests. You can also appear in the top positions of search engines such as Google and Bing, and you need to use these platforms to do so, at least if you plan to do so in the short term.

Our Projects - Digital Marketing Agency

As Digital Marketing Agency in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic we give the best our partners.

We're MenteSEO Marketing Team 😉

We are a Digital Marketing agency dedicated to helping companies increase their sales through advertising on social networks and search engines (Google). With us, you will achieve more online SALES than ever before.

Jennifer Abreu

Jennifer Abreu

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Carlos Encarnación

SEO Specialist & CEO

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Teresa Arias

Google Ads Strategist

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L.A. Gonzalez

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Maria E. Abreu

Community Manager

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Luis David A.

FB Ads Strategist

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